Art Pic-Nic

Art Pic-Nic inspired by great artists of history, author’s flavors

The baskets of the Chalet Caserina and Monte Agnello huts are inspired by great Italian artists.

Chalet Caserina surprises with artfully designed picnic baskets that can be accompanied by Ferrari spumante. There is the Caravaggio basket with meat polenta tacos, potato tortello, dumpling salad and RespirArt cake with Pampeago cranberry jam, therefore, the Arcimboldo basket is dedicated to vegetarians and Nones Kids to children.

The Rifugio Monte Agnello offers baskets with artistic sandwiches, sweets and fruit. From the art pic-*nic Segantini, which smells of the mountains, to the sandwich and sliced ​​fruit dedicated to Fontana, to the Ligabue basket, sincere, immediate and genuine.

To enjoy them you can sit on the artistic benches created by Marco Nones, and arranged along the 3-kilometer path, or you can stop among some works of art designed to accommodate visitors, such as the Latemar Theater, Harmonia, the frame Living Nature and Virtual Conversations.

For details or special requests, ask for more information at our huts.


At RespirArt a chairlift which turns into a “Seedslift”

Flying over the park during the ascent by chairlift, you can throw a handful of seeds extracted from the hay of the high meadows of the Val di Fiemme, richer in floral species.

The “Rete delle Riserve Destra Avisio” uses this seeds to enrich the poorest meadows with native species, respecting the environmental balance.

They are seeds from the “special” meadows of Val di Fiemme, managed according to traditional practices. In particular, they come from medium-high altitude meadows, characterized by local species adapted to grow in those places. Some species when spread in different environments than the original ones become invasive and risk entering competition with local species. For these reasons, there is increasing attention also to these aspects, all to maintain and preserve the delicate balance between human activity and nature.

You can also contribute to creating life, beauty and balance.

Request your cone of seeds at the Pampeago ticket office.

Enrich the experience with the novelty of summer 2022, RespirArt Sound.

RespirArt Resonates

Sound works inspired by art installations

This is the novelty of summer 2022: RespirArt is the only art park that resonates. You can listen to the sound works with an acoustic headset that connects to the artistic installation, thanks to the production of the artistic collective Miscele d’Aria Factory.

An immersive experience, inspired by listening to gestures of art, developed with the 3D Sound technique, which allows you to hear a 360-degree perceived spatial audio: natural sounds of wild animals, atmospheric phenomena, effects … a melodic kaleidoscope, music and testimonies, reworked in a poetic key that can be heard in the form of an installation at the installation and even earlier as an “overture” of the experience during the ascent with the chairlift Agnello.

You can book and rent the audio system, consisting of a smartphone with App and headphones, at a cost of € 10 per day, at the Pampeago ticket office starting from July.